About Us

For over 40 years, Rockford Reachout Jail Ministry has served our community by preparing incarcerated men, women, boys and girls to succeed after they leave incarceration and return to our community

Our Mission

To Prepare At-Risk Adults and Youth for Crime-Free, Christ-Centered Life After Incarceration.


Our Ministries

Rockford Reachout is three ministries (Reachout Inside, Reachout Outside & Reachout Youth) all working together to prepare our students for crime-free, Christ-centered life in our community.


Reachout Inside 
Delivers the Gospel through over 30 weekly Christ-centered classes taught to students inside our jail on topics that include:

  • Addiction Recovery
  • Values Restructuring
  • Life Skills


Reachout Outside
Pairs men and women returning from jail or prison with a certified Reachout Life Coach. With prayer, encouragement and a focus on Christ, our Life Coaches:

  • Teach students to set goals and hold students accountable to those goals
  • Help students locate vital resources (like safe & stable housing, job training, medical care, mental health care)
  • Encourage and assist students in finding a church home


Reachout Youth
Combines all the ministry services of ReachoutInside and ReachoutOutside but for boys and girls who are incarcerated in our community or have returned to our community from youth detention or youth incarceration.