Reachout Inside

Reachout Inside is a Christian jail ministry that works with men and women who are incarcerated in the Winnebago County Jail. We coach, we guide, we pray for and we prepare them for a productive, crime-free life after they are released from incarceration and return to our community. 

"I was so lost, so angry. I had been in and out of jail since I was 15. Then, I met Chaplain Laura with Rockford Reachout.
She just listened - really listened. She helped me understand who God is, that He loved me, and that He had a plan for my life.
It took time, but I finally did ask God to come into my life. I took classes and learned how to deal with my problems.
I was released for the last time 7 years ago. Praise God, and thank you Chaplain Laura. I have my life back. 
- Jenna C.



Ministry Services Offered

Classroom-Based Small Groups
Offering over 30 classes each week, Reachout Inside engages over 60% of the total jail population each year. Our classes cover:

  • Addiction Recovery: addressing issues like drug/alcohol dependance, anger management, impulse control
  • Values Restructuringdealing with the heart issue that lead to criminal behavior
  • Life Skills: teaching students to become better mothers, fathers, sons and daughters


In 2015, Reachout Inside Engaged Over 5,000 Incarcerated Men and Women... 


Individual Pastoral Care
In addition to weekly classes, Rockford Reachout also offers individual pastoral care to jail residents. During these visits, jail residents receive:

  • Pastoral Care & Guidance
  • Greif Care
  • Pre-Release Preparation Guidance (Reentry Preparation)
  • Prayer and Encouragement 


Family Support Services
Reachout Inside also offers family support services to help jail residents and their families stay connected and to support families while loved ones are away. Family services include:

  • Child Placement Support
  • Legal Document Handling
  • Death Notices / Grief Care
  • Jail Resident Wellness Checks

Maintaining family contact has been shown to reduce recidivism (criminal re-offence) by as much as 70%