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C – 9 Impact Weekend Reflections

The ninth Impact Weekend at the Winnebago County Jail, occurring between March 14 & 18 was yet another example of the Holy Spirit’s work within the jail community and blessing of the RRJM’s new focus.  Eighteen new inmate participants joined in the event, and all look forward to joining or serving in the next one held. And the veterans who joined to serve, not only served with vigor, but made even stronger and public confessions and professions for ongoing ministry.


Some 18 trained and prepared men entered the pod on Thursday March 14.  For several it was the first time in a jail, and apprehension was high. But the smiling faces of 35 inmates far outshone their prison attire.  There was a strong sense of community from the very start, and great appreciation from the inmates for the encouragement shown. Over the next 3 days, ten “talks” were given, each building to an acceptance of responsibility for our present lot, an acknowledgement that God’s love is real, infinite and full of mercy, and the need to live in this reality – particularly to forgive as He has forgiven us.  The tears flowed freely from nearly all present on Saturday night when public confessions were made. Unlike many other Christian gatherings, inmates are real and so were the confessions. You can rejoice to know that such things as: lying, womanizing, adultery, gluttony, poisoning my neighborhood (5 different times), poisoning my body, and murder were openly confessed.


On the final day and event, five guests were allowed to witness the closing ceremony, one being a local judge.  They witnessed a group of 16 inmates come to the podium and publicly proclaim an end to gang activity. They were all members of gangs and at least 3 gangs were represented.  But because of God’s great mercy and love, they renounced this type of behavior, linked arms together in brotherhood, and formed a new gang entitled the MOB – or Ministry of Blessing!  A 9 stage study guide was created by one to transform gang tactics into Biblically based actions to do good not harm. Pray for this newly formed group to put flesh and bones on the Biblical principle of “overcoming evil with good.”


RRJM is planning another Impact Weekend for the next calendar quarter.  Please pray in advance for this. We do supply many study materials for the inmates and other items of expense, so any financial help is most welcome.  And we need men willing to “remember those who are in prison.” If you are interested in serving in this capacity please feel free to contact RRJM at 815-319-6625 or email The need for follow-up ministry among the participants has created even more need for willing, qualified men. May God bless you as you remember RRJM in your prayers.

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